What is good healthcare?

At Pact, we believe that “good” health care constitutes at least 8 core components:

  1. Caring attitude – Health organizations and professionals should have a caring attitude. They should be interested in someone as a person. They should take health concerns seriously.
  2. Understanding – Good care involves asking about how a health concern, condition or disease affects a person’s daily life (work, hobbies, family).
  3. Access – Good care involves supporting a person to see the health organization and professional he or she trusts and likes.
  4. Informing – Good care involves professionals to take the time to explain a condition or disease well, why it might have occurred, what a treatment is supposed to do and it’s side-effects, and course of different treatments.
  5. Guiding –  Good care involves guiding a person through difficult conversations such as receiving bad news.
  6. Referring –  Good care involves pointing people towards further support and care if necessary (i.e. information sources, self-help groups, other health professionals)
  7. Sharing of information – Good care involves judicious, safe, and effective sharing of one’s health information across services, whenever necessary.
  8. Shared-decision making – Good care involves understanding what is most important to a person and involving him or her in decisions about their care.

Our solutions are aimed at helping health organisations and professionals to improve one of these components in order to more effectively improve people’s health and lives.