Pact Care was created with the mission to enable open, patient-centric and safe collaborations in healthcare. All our solutions align with the goal of breaking data silos, of increasing transparency and of enabling patients to be active participants in their care.

We take data privacy, security and compliance with the latest regulations (e.g. GDPR) seriously. That is why we have done extensive research on these topics (download our peer-reviewed research here).

Our Solutions

Data Capture and Aggregation

Capture and access your population’s remote/home health data.
Tap into customizable chat-based UIs or integrate with existing wearable and home health devices.
See Florence.Chat

Data Management and Auditability

Trace and verify the authenticity of patient generated health data throughout its lifecycle.
We assist insurance organizations in auditing patient reported outcomes for value-based care reimbursement. We also support pharma and digital therapeutics organizations with postmarketing surveillance and real-world data management.

Data Interoperability and Exchange

We have built the world's first open-source decentralized FHIR API for interoperable data exchange.
Ideal for developers that want to empower their users to control how their health data is shared.
See "Untangle Care"




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